Good Morning…we are all a little slow moving around here this morning.  A busy weekend will do that to you I guess.


We were pretty busy yesterday, even though it was suppose to be our relaxing day!   We were up and went to church.   Erik did his first sermon note for Confirmation and turned it in.  It was hard for him and he needed a lot of assistance, but we got it done!   Then we ran to Target since the cats were out of food.  

Home again to change out of church clothes and head to the Rally Day Picnic.    As I as sitting church I was thinking about something BrayNTay had been struggling with.  Taking her young children out to eat.   I think she and her hubby decided to not go for a while since they felt they were disturbing others.   I thought about that in church as I had to hush my nearly 4 year old many times over.   We have always taken the stance that we will take our youngest one where ever we go.   He has been in church service all summer.   I feel that if he isn’t exposed to the expectation of needing to behave and be quiet how will he ever learn.  He actually does pretty good now.   I do bring along a notebook for him to write or something.  I do that same thing when we go to a restaurant.  We all write with him until the food comes.   Do we get stares at times since our children aren’t angels in restaurants and church.  Yep…..but when my children were baptized, I promised to bring them to worship.   And I do………If he is very disturbing I will leave the sanctuary and sit in the commons if need be, but I am always going to have him in church or Sunday school.  You can’t expect a child to learn to behave in an environment he isn’t exposed to regularly.  So next time you are in a restaurant and you see a loud child…….just smile and say,   “What an adorable child you have!!!”

After Rally Day, Tommy and I took a nap and hubby got busy with Erik doing his homework.  That was at about 2:30 or so and Erik was still doing homework at 9:30 in the evening.   I was so proud of him though.  He did all that work with a positive attitude and didn’t cry or complain.    It was a huge project!!!   It is worth 100 points and we got it done.  He also had homework in three other classes, but forgot to bring one assignment home, which was due on Monday.   So he will have to bring it home tonight and do it for partial credit. 

I got up and read my Making It Home magazine for a bit.   I loved the few articles I have read so far!    Cat has the Grand Plan in there and I want to do that!  I started with my front porch a bit on Sunday.   I washed the windows outside and inside, swept down cobwebs and swept the porch.   Inside in the entryway, Josh and I took down all the panels of the chandelier and washed them.   Hubby got all the cobwebs in the corners.   I will work on the entryway some more tomorrow.  

I did a few loads of laundry.  Hubby cut up 5 pounds of carrots for carrots sticks.   I cooked 4 pounds of hamburger for future meals.   That was pretty much our evening!  Then bath for Tommy and off to bed!   

Tommy had a very hard time getting to sleep, so I ended up turning the light back on and read.  I did get to the first 100 pages of my book group book done this weekend.  I am starting to enjoy the book, so I will finish it!


I am working until about 5:30 and then I am going to church to do a practice run for our next cooking session.  We are doing breakfast foods for back to school!  


I am taking the day off since my SIL isn’t having daycare.   I will take and pick up Tommy from preschool.   I will pick up my niece from school at 3:30 as well.  I will wash the walls in the entry way and wipe down the pictures and floor.   It will be nice to be home!  I might work from home a bit, but I don’t have to since I took the day entirely off. 


Ravioli and breadsticks


A great family weekend!   Doing activities together and everyone helping around the house!

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  1. I agree with you about exposing children to certain situations and expecting them to behave.  They may not get it right every time, but they’ll never learn otherwise!

  2. Hafa Adai:   I agree too.  Jesus said “Let the little children come to me.”  My kids are grown….but I don’t mind little babies in church. Bringing things for them to do is a great idea.  Our children will be the future leaders in our church.

    Also how big is your freezer. I really admire your menus and cleaning skills.


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