I paid the bills in the morning and updated our budget.   Then we went to the the library and asian market.    My neighbor came over and we made 240 egg rolls.  I froze the remaining mixture and will make some more later.  I have never frozen the stuff before so I hope it works.   I was exhausted after all the rolling and frying.   We had one little accident, hubby accidently hit a fryer and it slipped off the counter and spilled hot oil everywhere.  Good thing no one was standing there.  I jumped out the back door and avoided getting my bare feet burned.  

After filling our tummies with Egg Rolls, I went outside to play volleyball with the kids.   That was fun, hubby came out to play too!    I finally got Tommy in the house at nearly 8:00 and he bathed and we went to bed.   He fell right to sleep so I was able to turn the light back on and read for a while!   I hope to get the 1st 100 pages of my book done with weekend.   I have to have it done for book group on the 29th.  

My neighbor helped me to pick out some paint colors for my living room.   I am back to a  maroon accent wall, but have changed which wall now.   I have to look for different rugs though.   I am so particular!


Today will be busy.   We will go to church and than return for the Rally Day picnic.   After the picnic we will have to focus on Erik’s homework.  He has alot to do this weekend.   

I received my “Making it Home” magazine yesterday and I hope to sit outside and read it today!   I am very excited to read it!   Way to go MrsCatherine!   I hope to really take it easy today after making all those eggrolls yesterday.  

I traded some egg rolls with neighbors.   Maury came over with tomatoes from his garden and I gave him a few egg rolls for his supper.  


Back to work!!  I think next week will be more back to our usual routine!   I have to check in with my asthma Dr on Monday.  Tuesday I am home with Tommy since Daycare is closed.   I also have to pick up my neice after school.   Wednesday our classes at church will be starting.  We will have supper at church on Wednesday and then go to our classes.  

SUPPER:  Unsure…….

GRATITUDE:   My little baby, who says 100 times a day, “Momma I love you very very very very very much!”

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  1. Glad the eggrolls turned out well, they sound yum, I love chinese food but dont’ get it that often.  Glad no one was hurt with the oil spilling, that would really hurt!  Hope you find some relaxing time today.  Blessings!

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