Good Morning…..Happy First Day of School!   My boys are up and getting ready for school.   Gotta love the first day of school.    I have to stop at the school and take some more forms in for Erik and my hubby wants me to talk to the school psychologist.  I am going to wait until about 10:00, when the first day of school craziness dies down a bit. 

The Boys…First Day of School 2005

Erik – 7th Grade
Josh – Senior

Josh’s last first day of school………

The carpool came to pick up Josh.  Not sure who the first girl is, then it is Melinda, Amy, Josh and Charlie.   Josh and Charlie have been friends since we moved here in 4th grade. 


Our evening was pretty quiet.  Erik, Tommy and I played outside with Erik’s rocket for a bit.  Once the rocket got stuck in the treee we were done..LOL!    We did manage to get it out. 

Hubby, Tommy and I dropped off some puzzles at the neighbors for the twins.  Then we went for a walk.  After our walk we watched Winne-Dixie and waited for Josh to get home from church.   He and Amy had Jr. Guide Training for confirmation from 5 to 9:00.  He is in his third year of being a Jr. Guide.   His group he teaches will be confirmed this year.   I had to wait up for Josh since he decided he needed a new bag for school so we had to make it to Target by 10:00 to get a messenger bag for school.  Nothing like last minute Josh!   


I am off…..I am going to enjoy the quiet of the day!  I am going to work on Erik’s dresser today and wash all his new clothes so they don’t scratch him.   I hope to stay home most of the day, but have to run to Erik’s school to take care of a few things. 

I plan on making cookies this afternoon so the kids come home to fresh baked cookies after their first day of school.    That is about it for my day, oh and laundry of course!  


I am off on Friday too….I need to get groceries and complete some things around the house.   I am goign to work on getting the kids school books updated and on my new shelf.   I hope to finish my household notebook too! 

SUPPER:  Fried Ham Slices, Squash and Onions, Buttermilk Biscuits and Grapes.  

GRATITUDE:   My life….we aren’t rich, but very happy.  We have a home and are able to care for our kids…my hubby is a wonderful man and loves me very much.  I couldn’t ask for more!


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  1. Very cute pictures!

    I’m glad you liked the Earlene Fowler book.  I really like her books and she seems like a really nice person in real life.  She also has a website, if you’re interested.

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