Before I know it the kids will be getting home from their first day of school.   I can’t wait to hear how it went.   I am going to get some chocolate chip cookies into the oven so they will be ready when they get home.   Something I try to do for the first day of school.   I sure am tired!   I would like to take a nap before they get home too.  

This morning I washed all of Erik’s new clothes and reorganized his drawers.  I took two more huge bags of clothes to goodwill.   I threw out 4 pairs of shoes and most of his socks.   All the new stuff is in his drawer and ready to go.   I also stopped at the school…. dropped off a form and talked to the school psychologist.  Someone is suppose to call us next week to plan a meeting to write a transition IEP.  

So far a productive day at home!

Off to make some cookies and nap!   Later!

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