Evening…..I am tired and ready for bed!   I am waiting for Tommy to finish his oatmeal and then we are going to bed.   Erik just got home from playing with friends, now he will have a snack and head to bed as well.   Hubby is at a church meeting that seems to be running late.   Josh is at work……..

We almost forgot to go to Tommy’s open house.  We were outside playing and then hubby called to remind us.   We went and stayed only for the last few minutes.   Met his teacher and had his picture taken.   He starts school next week Tuesday and will go to preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  

Tomorrow I am working on organizing our paper stuff around here and updating the calendar with all the new dates that came home from school today.   Fun..fun…fun…..Oh yeah….and I need to get groceries, pay bills and update our budget again. 

I’m off to bed….have a great night!!   Good Night!

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