Hubby will be home soon and he wants me to go with him to run a  couple of errands.  This is the first moment I have had to blog today.  It has been one busy day so far!  


I was very busy for work.  I had 4 homevisits, which took up most of my day.  My last appointment was at 7:00pm and I didn’t get home until after 9:00.   I then went straight to bed.    I woke up in the middle of the night at about 3:00am and could not get back to sleep so I had to get up for a bit. 


I had to get up early and get on the road right way.  I had to appear in court this morning for a placement review.   While waiting to be called into court I was able to return a few phone calls.  The court hearing was very quick.   After court in Hastings, I drove to Fridley to order Josh’s Senior Pictures.   When I got there they told me I had the wrong price brouchure.  Hmm….it was the one they mailed me when I made the appointment for his pics.   So the packages were more expensive than I had thought.  ARGH!!  Plus one of the packages had changed completely.   It was a mess…..after everyone’s order was placed the grand total was $700.00.  WOW!!!    Josh’s father and my ex-hubby placed orders as well so that included their orders too.  

Then I came home and Erik and I worked on memorizing his combination and lunch PIN.  We wrote out his checklist for before school and one for after school.  We went through his school supplies and put his name and team# on each of them and packed his backpack.   He picked out his clothes for tomorrow morning and is all ready for the first day of school!   He is a little nervous, but is excited.    Tomorrow when he is at school I am going to wash all his new clothes and reorganize his dresser.  We are lableing two drawers for school clothes and 2 for weekend.   My hubby is very particular about the quality of school clothes so this should ensure Erik doesn’t wear weekend clothes to school.  

Erik, Josh and Amy went to the mall and school to run a few errands.   I went to Pier One and Office Max looking for a basket or shelf thing to organize the shelf by my laptop.   I ended up finding something to use at Office Max.   I will have a shelf to sort stuff into Josh, Erik, Tommy and Mail each day.   I have alot of organizing to get done this weekend.   Erik will be gone at his Mom’s from Friday until Monday and Josh is going to the fair on Saturday and then going to his Dad’s from Sunday through Monday.  So it will be a quiet weekend with hubby, Tommy and I.  


First day of school!!   Both older boys start school tomorrow.   I will be home and working on projects around the house.  My first project of the day will be Erik’s dresser and closet.  

SUPPER:   Black Beans and Rice, Mexican Salad and Strawberries/Bananas

GRATITUDE:   I am grateful for a few days off to be home for my boys first days of school.   If only I could be a stay at home mom! 

Hubby should be here any moment….gotta run!  Later!

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