Good Morning….two more days and my children will be back in school.  Yeah….I look forward to the structure of school.  This week I have been waking them at 7:00 and having them shower and stuff.   They had been sleeping in until about 10:00 each day so we are doing our school routine this week to get ready for school starting on Thursday.   I jsut have to figure out how we will be staggering showers since 4 of us need a shower each morning. 


I switched my evening meeting last night so we could attend a meeting at church about the ideas we have for the church.   The church will be adding on and enlarging.   We now have a school at our church which is expanding to include 1st grade this year.   They are planning on building a life center that will be added to the church.  Space is always an issue since we are a growing church.   We didn’t get home until later and then I figured out the order with Josh for his Senior Pictures.   After we were done with that it was time for Tommy and I to go to bed.   Tommy fell asleep pretty good.   I only read for a few minutes and was asleep myself. 

Josh watched the kids for us while we went to church.  He even did the dishes without being told.   Go Josh!  Everyone has a night they are assigned dishes and Mondays are Josh.  


Busy day for me!  Hopefully my truck runs ok, the service engine light came on yesterday again.  ARGH!!   I have homevisits at 9:30, 2:00, 5:00 and 7:00 this evening.   I doubt I will even make it to my office much to today.   I should be able to stop at my office between my 9:30 and 2:00 meeting to have lunch.   I might get my book on tape done today since I will be driving alot.  


Wednesday is my last day of work for the week.   I have to appear in court in the morning for a placement review and then I am off.   I will head to order Josh’s senior pictures as soon as I am done with court.   Than I am off until Tuesday.  I took the first few days of school off so I am available for the kids in case they miss the bus or anything.  It is a new school for Erik so I just want to be available.  

Erik and I will be working on getting his backpack together and things organized.  I am not sure what will work for him, but we bought the supplies the school recommended and then we will accomodate throughout the year as things progress.  They wanted him to have a separate notebook and folder for each class, but I am not sure that will work the best for Erik.  We will see…..

I have a long list of projects I want to get done over the long weekend.  One project I have to get done is redoing my dining room chairs.  I have them all pulled apart and we can’t use them.  We need them many nights since we have alot of extra people for meals.  Last night I had 7 for supper so we were unable to fit around the small table, but couldn’t use the big table since the chairs aren’t done.  

I also will be conquering paperwork and getting the kids notebooks ready for the year.  I have a notebook for each child with their important info in it so I can easily find what I need.   I also have a shelf by my laptop that has puzles on it that I will make into my shelf so I can keep my notebooks all in a central place.  They are in the computer room now and my laptop is in the dining room.   So everything of mine will be in the dining room soon.  It is always a great feeling to start the school year organized. 

SUPPER:  Hubby is making Hamburger Helper as I won’t be home.

GRATITUDE:   Erik doing so well getting up this morning!  Overall I am grateful for how well Erik has been doing. 

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  1. You wrote:

    Space is always an issue

    I replied:

    But what a great issue to have =0)

    Just wanted to give you encouragement! I think you are doing an awesome job, I couldn’t possibly work and take care of my home like you do! Yay you!!!

  2. Hafa Adai:…………Praise God you have a growing church…just read…I Cor3:7 “So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only  God, who makes things grow”. What a blessing.

    Learning alot from you.I need to get organized too…and you do chairs. …Blessings………….Anita

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