Good Morning…….Happy Weekend…..I love the weekend…..


I was done with my meeting in Hastings a little after 3:00 and I was done working for the week.   I had my grocery list all done so I stopped at Aldi on the way home and got most of my groceries there.  I spent $43.96 at Aldi.   I then drove over to Rainbow and got the remaining items of groceries that I could find at Aldi.  I spent another $21.08.   So I did really good and I stayed within my $75.00 a week budget for groceries.   I spent only $65.00 for a week of groceries.   I make a meal every day and I feed anywhere from 5 to 7 people each night.    I am really liking the site as follow that menu plan is cheaper than, which I have done as well.   Last night there was 7 of us for supper and the Tater Tot Casserole, Celery Sticks and Watermelon lasted jsut fine.   Everyone liked it too!  

After supper I went with Josh, Amy, Erik and Kyle to Half Price Books.   Josh needed to sell some books and he needed someone who was over 18 with (me).    Of course I couldn’t leave the store without buying some books.  I bought 3 on clearance for $1.00 each.  So I only spent $3.00.   I love books…what a weakness.  Then we stopped at CVS to pick up my meds for my asthma.   I also picked up some sudafed for Erik.  I think he has some seasonal allergies.  He is very stuffy and sniffly right now.   The sudafed seems to help him just fine. 

Then once home I finished up dishes while hubby and his bro watched Football.   Tommy and I headed to bed around 9:00.   Not too exciting of an evening.  


END OF SUMMER CELEBRATIONS!!   We are ending our reading race and I am not sure if I won or Josh!    I have one more book at add to the list.   But I give a small prize to everyone that read.   But the winner gets $20.00….hope I win!   Mall money!!   We will head to the library this morning and than after lunch we are going to the Mall of America.    We have unlimited ride bracelets for Camp Snoopy and we need to get Erik a little bit more school clothes.   I hate rides so I will be avoiding them!   I vomit way to much on them, not fun!   I even get motion sickness on longer car rides.  Not fun!   But, shopping will be ok.   After we are done at the mall we are going out to eat at Red Lobster….YUMMY!!!!    That will be our day…..


Church in the morning and than hopefully not much else the rest of the day.   I want to jsut relax.  Most of the laundry is caught up so I don’t have that to do this weekend.   I will hopefully get some reading done.  


GRATITUDE:   My children still wanting to do things with me.   I enjoy jsut running to the store with them.   They are funny!!

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  1. I love Auldi’s …. Sounds like you have a wonderful weekend planned…. YUMMM Red Lobster…

    Happy End of Summer to You..



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