My allergies are really bad.   I made it through my work day yesterday.  I signed my paperwork for my raise at work.   I am getting a 91 cent raise an hour!   Yeah….every little bit helps.  I ended up not going to book group.  I just didn’t think I could sit on a yatch for 2 hours.   My eyes were so itchy and I felt terrible.   So I came home and went to bed.  I slept until about 8:00 and then got up for a bit.  At about 9:00 I went back and layed down with Tommy.   We are working on getting everyone back on our school schedule and that means getting Tommy to bed earlier.   He went to sleep fine and then I got back up.   He actually fell asleep within 20 minutes.   I took more antihistamine and tried to sleep.  I read for a while until I could fall asleep. 


It is raining and raining here in Minnestoa.   I woke up the kids early today, summer is over and sleeping all day is OVER.   Erik has lost the priveledge of watching TV before bed and now there is NO TV.   He also lost a quarter yesterday from his Dad.   Josh works today so Erik will need to go to Bonnies.   I am very lucky that Josh has watched Erik all week for us though.  Erik prefers to be with Josh. 

My eyes are still very itchy, but I am hoping the rain will help.     Not much planned for today.  I have one meeting in Hastings with the school there about concerns with a client.   Should be intense.   We will see what big leagues they pull in.   I really am not that scary.  After the meeting I am coming home and starting my weekend!  

I hope to maybe work on a chair or two tonight.  We will see….I also want to finish my book so I can start East of Eden. 


We will go t ot the library in the morning and then it is our End of SUMMER Celebration!    This is a family tradition we started many years ago.  We celebrate the end of summer.  We usually go to a hotel for the weekend and have a great family time, but this year we are going to Camp Snoopy and out to eat at Red Lobster.  My kids love Red Lobster, but we haven’t ate there in a few years so it is a nice treat!   My BIL Steve will be going with us too.  

SUPPER:  Tater Tot Casserole/Celery with Cheese/Watermelon

GRATITUDE:  I am grateful my hubby did dishes and laundry last night.   This morning I am grateful for the rain.  I am hoping it helps with my allergies. 

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  1. My allergies are horrible this week too. I keep sneezing and my nose itches like crazy!

    What’s in the tator tot casserole?

  2. I’m sorry that your allergies are bad! My son’s haven’t been too bad this summer, probably because we’ve had the house closed up because of the heat and he rarely goes outside and takes a Claritan-D every day.  That’s a great idea to have a “last fling of summer” before the kids go back to school.  Have a good time!

  3. Hi, I see that recipe “Tator Tot Casserole” all over. I am going to have to try that. Happy for you for the raise, yes thats right every little bit helps. I’m trying to get the girls into bed at a decent hour because school starts next Thursday. Hope you are feeling better, have a great and blessed Friday. Have a great End of Summer Celebration too!!  *~*Shelley*~*

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