I think my mom is pretty tired…..Tommy is a very active little boy.   I am glad he is at daycamp for 2 hours to give her a little break.   this morning is very busy!   I have to take Tommy to daycamp, Erik to school and then get to work.    I went to bed early last night so I am actually ready to get this all done!!!  

Erik wanted a hard cookie last night and I said no because of his braces and gave him an alternative (chocolate donuts).  I then find out he has already had one (hard cookie) before and has been chewing gum.   I was not so thrilled.   He hates any restricitions to what he can eat.   It is going to be a long TWO years of braces.  We haven’t even made it to 6 weeks yet.  

Josh had Amy over last night.    They went to the movie too.  

Tommy was very wild last night!   He did fall asleep around 10:00.   I put a sleeping bag on my floor and told him he was camping….didnt work.  As soon as I turned off the lights he was right up against my back in  my bed.   Once he fell asleep I put him on the floor., so I slept much better.  He had a very hard time seprarting from me for daycamp yesterday.  I hope today goes much better!!!   He said he had fun!

Time to hit the shower and starting waking up all the kids……have a great day!

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  1. Hard cookies aren’t allowed?  I had never heard that restriction.  What about getting small cookies – like Famous Amos – ones that just pop in your mouth rather than bite into?  And Carefree gum is supposed to be okay.  Restrictions ARE hard when you have braces, especially with a kid like Eric who should get food whenever he will eat it, lol.  I hated that I had a hard time eating some things…I preferred to not eat at all rather than have something else, lol.

  2. Braces are fun stuff, huh?  The kids have been pretty good about some of the restrictions, although they do eat chips – IF they can let them dissolve….  Have a great day!  ~Lori

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