Well I am at work and have all my stuff done with the kids this morning.  It all went very well.   Tommy seaprated well at day camp.  I gave him the bucket of Toy Story toys and he was fine to stay in the room.    Erik and I went to the school and picked up his schedule.  He has alot of classes….yikes!   He was very happy that in this school all classes are in the same hallway.   It wasn’t like that at his old school.    He really liked that.   He already memorized the pin for his lunch and his combo for his lock.   I like that they now have a way your can electronically put money into the kids lunch account.  YEAH!!  SO I won’t have to worry about sending a check with Erik to school.    I can also see what the kids are spending their lunch money on !!   That is a great service!

Josh went to pick up his schedule with his friends and then they had breakfast at McDonalds.   He then was going home to pick up Tommy from day camp for me.  

Since I was home this morning I got one load of laundry done and put supper in the crockpot.   BUSY, BUSY>…..hopefully the rest of this week will be lower keyed.  I plan on taking Friday off and just enjoying some time with my mom.  

I am still waiting for them to call me about Josh’s pictures.  I can’t wait to pick them up!   Erik is at his mom’s this weekend again and JOsh is with his dad.  So it will be another quiet weekend….AAAAH….

HOpe everyone’s week is going well!!!

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