Good Morning!!    I actually stayed up late enough last night to read a few pages.  I will read again today while we drive to go pick up my mom.  We meet my dad in Hutchinson MN and pick up my mom.  My dad doesn’t like to drive into the cities and he has ahard time without my mom.   My Aunt and Uncle are riding with him, so we will visit with them for a bit. 

This morning I am going to make some Turkey Burgers for Supper and clean up a bit.   My mom will be sleeping in Tommy’s room so I need to clean up in there.  He has toys all over.  

I have a number of books to get read, my book shelf is overflowing.  I not suppose to outgrow it and I am starting to pile books on hubby’s shelf.   I also have a number of books from the library.   I doubt I will get much reading done this week with my mom here.   I love having my mom come to visit.   She is a great help and I don’t get to spend much time with her anymore since she lives in South Dakota. 

Have a great day!

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  1. Hi…I had fun looking through your recipes.  Found some I’m going to try in the breakfast section.  Never thought of avocados as baby food.  My ddil is expecting our first grandchild so I guess I’ll have to get back into baby mode.  It’s been a long time!

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