Yesterday afternoon, Josh and I went to the allergist for our yearly follow-up.  Josh was not a happy camper since he had to get blood drawn to be retested.  He has a problem with needles, but did very well.  I went back with him and he didn’t pass out or anything.  The Dr feels that we probably don’t need to carry an epi-pen anymore, but he wanted to test him to make sure.  We will be jsut using benedryl.   We have never actually used the epi-pen in all the years we have had to carry one.  Me…I am doing ok, but not as well as the Dr would like.  He wants me off the predisone, but doesn’t want to mess with it now with the ragweed season coming on.  He started me on a new medication, to see if it will cause me chest pains or not.  If this med is ok…then I might be able to get off the predisone.   Otherwise I need to go to an endroconologist to have my bones measures as predisone cause osteoporosis.  I also need to go to an opthalmalogist since it cause cataract as well.  So it is a nasty med, but I jsut can’t seem to get off of it.   But as I pointed out to the Dr, I haven’t been hospitalized at all.   I jsut had the one week where the Dr made me take off of work.   he knows that he has to do that….I am a bit of a workaholic at times.

In the evening we handed out flyers for the block party again.  We had a few more families sign up.   I haven’t counted but we must be up to around 60 people or more.   Met a nice new couple that just moved into the neighborhood.  This is their first block party and they are pretty excited.   They have two small children so it should be alot of fun.  Another neighbor brought over another game for us to use.  A lollipop tree so that will be fun.   It is all coming together fine, it is just alot of work.    So I work two more days and then I am off for the block party.   Really the biggest time consumer is handing out the fliers.  We have alot of games now!   Another neighbor has a golf game for us to use too.   FUN, FUN, FUN….now I jsut have to recruit enough people to run the games. 

Did I mention how distracted or busy I have been….in the last two weeks I ran out of gas twice……my computer in my truck said I could drive 40 more miles….not so accurate, I had to walk to the gas station.  ARGH!!   Ok….this week I will take the time and fill gas much sooner!  

Well time to shower and hit the road.  Hope you all have a great day!!!


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  1. Hope the new meds work well.   My brother in law always used to run out of gas and then call us to come help him, so one Christmas we bought him a big red gas can and a gas station gift certificate as a gift! haha 🙂  Have a great day!  Blessings!

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