WHEW!!  We are all done with errands for the weekend.  I am not leaving again today!  I went alone to get groceries at Aldi and Cub.   DId ok budget wise, but not as good as I would like.   I spent $91.00 for groceries for a little over a weeks worth of food.  But I did buy about $12.00 in hamburger.   I called the rest of the fam from the store and warned them I was coming home.  They were all out of bed to help carry in groceries, except for Erik.   They stayed up really late with the sleep over. 

Then all three boys went to run the last of the errands with hubby and I.  We went to the library.  The boys picked out the movie Taxi to watch.   I got two books to read….YEAH!!   The Shopaholic & Sister and The Great Husband Hunt.  I will let you know if they are any good.  Tommy got the complete 1st and 2nd season of Scooby Doo so he is in heaven!  

Then we hit Sam’s for plates, instant breakfast and paper.  Hubby wants Erik to drink instant breakfsast since he is concerned about how skinny Erik is and the lack of eating he does sometimes.  So that will easily bump up his caloric intake for the day.  

After Sam’s our hunt for shoes for Tommy continued.  We finally found a pair of nike mid-tops that seemed to provide the level of support he needs.   And they were on sale…so I was under my $40.00 budget for his shoes.  I have never ever spent that much on shoes for a little one, but I guess considering his extremely flat feet I better get used to it.   Erik and hubby both have flat feet as well, but not as bad a Tom’s. 

Then it was off to get school supplies for Erik and Josh.   That was about 65.00.  Erik needed a $20.00 calculator this year.  The calculator for next year is $95.00 ARGH!!  I hope Erik can not lose it when we have to buy such an expensive one next year.   Josh is still using his we bought in 8th grade.  It is a graphing calculator.  This is where we are so lucky.  Erik will need alot of help with his math and stuff and Josh is very good at it.  SO Josh will be a big help in the next few years.   Josh is taking Calculus his year in school. 

I am very tired after all these errands I think I will lay down with Tommy and start one of my new books from the library.   Hope everyone is having a great Saturday!!

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