Tired, tired, tired……but it is my last day of work!   YEAH!   I have three meetings today so I will be out and about all day.   I am off to woodbury, than Lakeville and then St Paul.   All really fun families to visit so should be nice.   I hope to not even make it to the office today.   I will do the paperwork from these meetings on Monday. 

I tried to finish up paperwork last night about immunizations for Erik, but we don’t ahve all the info.  Hopefully his mother can come up with the last dates I need.   He wasn’t living with us when he has those shots so we don’t ahve records.   Once we get these dates I will have complete records on immunizations for all three boys.   Time is ticking on Eriks since we can’t pick up his schedule without the dates. 

This weekend we budgeted to take the boys school shopping.   We have Erik’s supply list now so we will get all of that this weekend.   Tommy needs a new pair of tennis shoes. I have to buy him a more expensive pair, no more cheap Target tennies.  Which he will hate since the Target ones usually light up.   But the Dr said I had to buy better shoes since Tommy is very flat footed and it is causing his ankles to turn in and causing some trouble when he walks.  We are thinking of going with some high tops to hopefully help with his ankle turning in.   I am hoping to find a pair that meets the Dr’s requirments at Famous Footwear for under $40.00, at least that was how much I budgeted.   We will see…..

I actually need to get groceeries this weekend.  I speny my day off with Erik during the week getting his braces so I didn’t make it to the store.  I will hit Aldi tomorrow morning before we go to the library and buy school supplies and shoes. 

Well time to head to work….have a great day!

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  1. Since he’s flat footed, did he offer any way to get inserts?  Ethan is flat-footed and his ankles pronate as well.  He wears Skechers (because its the only shoes his fat feet will fit in, lol) and then a physical therapist put in arch supports – not custom made ones, just generic shoe inserts.  Its helped his ankles quite a bit.  Its not really that his ankles are doing anything, its that his arch isn’t high enough to support his ankle evenly.  High-tops only helps when he wears them and it does nothing but stop his ankle from moving, but it doesn’t help it strengthen.  Sadly, expensive shoes are in Tommy’s future.  Ethan wears Teva sandals in the summer because they have a great arch support…and Skechers are up there, too.  I’ve spent more on Ethan’s footwear his whole life than I have on mine my whole adult life!

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