Just waiting for time to go to book group!   It has been a good day.  I got everything on my to do list done today!  Always a good feeling.   I even got two walks in today.  I just got back from my last walk.   It is so beautiful out.   I am debating buying a new treadmill for the winter or not.  Mine is broken   Hubby got me one when I was pregnant and my kids have killed it.  I work late two nights a week so I could use the gym here at my office.  I am just so unsure of myself and hate for anyone to see me work out!   And I could walk at the mall one time on the weekend.   Not like my kids don’t always want to go to the mall.  We will see how it goes.   If I can avoid spending the money I will.   You know how frugal I can be.

Well time to get ready to go to book group!   I hope everyone has a great evening.  Let’s see if I get home any earlier tonight!   

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