MORNING….today Erik gets is braces on.   He isn’t so excited about it anymore.  Poor kid.   Oh well….has to be done.  That is really all I have planned for the day.  Take Tommy to daycare and Erik to get his braces on.  I need to go into the office either this afternoon or evening depending on how Erik feels.    I have to do a few things before an early meeting tomorrow. 

I am also geting caught up on laundry today.   I am off to shower and get going with my day.   I started a good book yesterday so I should get alot more of it read while Erik gets his braces on.  It is the book we will be discussing in bookgroup next month.     LATER!!  Have a great day!

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  1. 2 of my kids got braces on 2 weeks ago….  That first week is really tough – lots of pudding, jello, (soup – if my kids would eat it…) ice cream, applesauce, french fries (whatever works).  Both of them now are able to eat without as much problem.  Hope things go well for you both! ~Lori

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