Just a quick entry since I have a very busy morning.   I have to get Erik and Tommy up and out the door.   At 9:00 I havea chiro appointment and then I need to be on the road to Duluth by 9:30 for work.  So I am off an running……have a great day!!!   Say a little prayer for me that my truck is really fixed and stays running on the 302 miles round trip to Duluth today!    I am a bit nervous!

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  1. Going to Duluth-I’m jealous!    Duluth in the summertime is the most beautiful place on earth.  No word yet on the job my hubby applied for, I’m still praying he gets it.  Have a good day!

  2. Praying that you’ll make it safely!

    We attempted to do the same thing your husband did regarding Erik. It didn’t work out and she told the kids that we were trying to steal them from her etc. etc. Its such a hard situation, I’ll be praying for you all!!

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