Almost time to call it a night and I am first getting a chance to post.   Busy as always.  We actually slept in this morning, I didn’t get up until a little after 8:00.  Tommy didn’t get up until after 9:00.   While he was sleeping I paid bills and worked on our budget.   Then we headed off to daycare.   We stopped at a garage sale and I picked up a sand box for Tommy.  

He just loves the sandbox.  He played out in the sandbox most of the evening.   Josh’s friend Charlie even played with Tommy.    The sandbox has a lid so it will hopefully stay clean. 

My morning was spent getting groceries.   I stayed within my budget….I went to two stores and spent 72.00 for groceries for the next week.   I came home put stuff away and made lunch for Erik.    Around 2:30 Erik’s mom came to get him for the weekend and I decided it was a prefect time for a nap!!   

After my nap we stopped at church  and then picked up Tommy at daycare.  We went to buy sand for his new sand box and then came home.   I tried two new recipes for supper tonight, but they weren’t keepers.    I liked the Crockpot Turkey Loaf, but no one ealse did.  Oh Well… some ….lose some.  

I guess it is time to call it a night…..Josh, Amy and Charlie are downstairs watching a movie.   Hubby is laying down with Tommy and I am ready to go to bed.  Hubby and I rented a movie, but not sure we will be able to watch it tonight or not.   I am hoping Tommy will sleep in his bed tonight. 

Tomorrow is suppose to be very hot.   I cleaned out the wading pool tonight and have it filled with water getting warm for tomorrow.   Josh is going to his Dad’s tomorrow so we should have a nice quiet weekend.   

OH BTW….thanks for all the prayers and good wishes.  I made it to Duluth just fine!  I think my truck must actually be fixed.   I got to Duluth a little early and went for a walk around the pier.   Then I went to my meeting which actually lasted 2 hours.   I treated myself to lunch at my favorite restaurant, Little Angie’s Canteena.  YUMMY!!  Then I drove home and boy was I tired.   I stopped at the outlet mall.  I bought the rest of Erik’s school clothes.  I got a few things at Old Navy and a few at the Gap.    I finally found the black t-shirt for Josh’s senior pics at the Gap.   Now I think all we have left are to buy school supplies.  I have a bin of pants for Erik to try on yet, but I think he will ahve enough for school.  

Have a great weekend!!!!!!

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