HAPPY MONDAY!!    I got plenty of sleep last night and feel pretty refreshed for a Monday.   Tommy went to bed with me last night and we were both asleep by 10:30 at the latest.  We had a very quiet evening.   I needed to relax after all that time at the mall shopping with the boys! 

Today I am working 12 hours.   Today on my caledar I have weight watchers and one homevisit.  Other wise I will be in the office working on one budget and some other reports.   Seems once I get all caught up I get an influx of new stuff.   I also got a new case the other day so I have to schedule to go out and meet them as well.   Always plenty to do. 

I am going to fold a load of laundry and hit the shower.    Have a great day.  the heat wave has finally broke here in MN so I will be able to get two walks in today without smelling all sweaty at work.  lOL!!   

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