I am tired…..I just got home from shopping at the mall with Josh, Erik and Amy for 5 hours!   LOL!!   We had fun and I bought alot of school clothes for the kids.  I bought Josh 2 pairs of Dockters and a shirt and tie for his Senior Pics.  Erik picked out two pairs of jeans, tennis shoes, 4 shirts, socks and a new backpack for school.  I also had Erik pick out a watch so he can start wearing one.  He doesn’t like to wear one, but I think he will get used to it.   Erik picked out a nice shirt for his school pictures….hubby even approved.  We had alot of fun shopping.  We need to return one of Josh’s Dockters and I need to find Josh a black t-shirt yet for his pictures.  Maybe next weekend Josh and I will go to Rosedale to look for a shirt.   We spent less than $300.00 so that is pretty good.  I still need to get some more clothes for Erik, but we will have to spread out the expense.   

I certainly got alot of walking in at the mall.   I am going to sit and relax the rest of the evening.   I am tired!   Tommy spent the day with Daddy, but was really happy that momma came home. 

Tomorrow is weigh in day and I think I actually lost this week!   I really hope so.   Well I am off to relax….hope you all enjoy your weekend.

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  1. I love Rosedale; such a cool mall! 

    RYC:  Thank you; I’m so glad he’s ok.  I really don’t want another scare like that for a very, very, very long time. 

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