My truck is fixed again or so they say.  At least they charged me another $250.00 this week.  I drove it to work and made it here without it stalling so that is progress.  I am a bit annoyed by this.  I have to drive to Duluth on Thrusday again for work, so it better run!

Tomorrow morning I am coming into work late as I am taking Erik to get his separaters on for his braces.   Should be a quick appointment. 

Something I have been pondering:  I am really at a place in my life where I believe there is a season for everything in life.   This is my season to raise my children.  They are my and my hubby’s priority.    I am so perplexed by people who would chose a relationship over their children.  I will never understand that.   God entrusted me with these precious children.    My season for me and my goals, desires and needs will come soon enough.   I only have one chance to raise my children.  I wish more parents would realize that raising children isn’t something to get through….it is something to cherish.  They will be all grown up before you know it. Children are a gift from God. Life is long enough that a woman can actually live two lives. I have the joy of having my children, and after I raised them the Lord will give me a second life.  My time is coming…..but I must admit I am thoroughly enjoying this season of my life!!!   I am truly blessed.

Hug those kiddos today…..even when you wake up with no sleep or toes in your mouth….SMILE….you will miss those toes in your mouth someday.  I know I will…………….

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  1. Great blog, I totally agree!  Being at home with my kids has been a joy to me and being able to homeschool them and watch them learn and grow is priceless.  I have one sister that chose a man over her son, my other sister is now raising him–it’s very sad how selfish some can be.  Enjoy these years they do go by quickly!  😉 

    Glad your truck got fixed, hope it stays that way.  Blessings! 🙂

  2. Well, the one thing you want to make sure of is that you don’t abandon your relationship with your hubby over taking care of the children.  But you definitely have to put time into your children or they’re lost for good. 

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