Just a quick entry and then I am crawling back into bed to read for a bit.  I woke up with such a headache.   We had a great time yesterday and had family over playing “shout about Movies” until about 11:00.  Then hubby had to drive his brother home.   Tommy and I crashed.  Josh, Amy, Charlie and Erik stayed up and finished watching a movie.   Those kids are going to have rude awakening when school starts and I start enforcing bedtimes.  

Everyone is still sleeping now and we decided to let them.  Josh and I are going shopping today for his clothes for his senior pics.   He needs two outfits.   That should be interesting.  That is all I have planned for the day besides cleaning up the house.  I have laundry to do and dishes from last night.  I went to bed without doing the dishes!  I was too tired. 

Enjoy Your Day!!

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