I am awake and could almost qualify as alive!   Tommy had a hard time falling asleep last night it was well after midnight before he finally settled down.  Of course he is still asleep now and won’t be too happy to be woke for daycare shortly. 

Not much going on today.  Today is chore day so everyone will do their chores after supper.  Josh has to work from 5:30 until 9:30 so he will have to do his before work.  I only work 8 hours today so it should be as easy day.  I have a home visit in Minneapolis so that should be interesting, but at least I am out of the office.  I have unit meeting this morning so plenty to keep me busy. 

I have laundry already going this morning and breakfast is done.  So I guess it is time to get showered and head to work.  

Hope everyone has a great day!!

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