Supper is smelling lovely in the crockpot.  We picked up the van…so Josh and Erik are out and about.  The repairs to the van were over $1200.00.  ARGH…..that cleaned out my emergency car repair part of my savings.  I will have to start trying to save up money again before one of our cars break down again.  hopefully the van will last another 6 months and we will be able to sell it and get a different one.  

School shopping time is almost here.   Josh doesn’t need much for school clothes nor does Tommy, but Erik will need ALOT!   Since he usually was at his mom’s during school we dont’ have alot of school clothes for him.  So we will be buying him a whole new wardrode in the next few weeks. 

I guess I should go pick up the house a bit and get ready for hubby to come home.  Have a great evening. 

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