JENNATHOME – you commented how organized I am.  Trust me I didn’t come by this naturally.  It has been alot of years of trial and error for me.   It took a while to learn to balance a family and a career.    One thing that means alot to me is there are a few things that I feel I have to make sure my kids have even though  I work.   The number one things I never want my child ever to come to me and say I don’t have any clean socks or whatever to wear.  So laundry is a priority for me.   The other thing is I have to plan out my meals because we are on a tight budget and eating out isn’t an option.  The funny part is my kids friends will comment about the meals I make, etc….my kids don’t appreciate it as much since they have always had home cooked meals.   One thing I do require is that we all eat supper every night together as a family.   I try to work around the kids schedule and of course I work late two nights a week and can’t eat with them.   But I make sure something is ready for hubby to pop in the oven or something.  Though he doesn’t like to cook after work and will sometimes get McDonalds.   The last thing that I wanted to make sure my kids had was a home they would never be embarassed to bring their friends to.   So being organized allows me to provide my children with the type of home I want for them and still work.   I really wish it would be possible for me to stay home, but that won’t be happening so I try to privide the best I can for my kids and still work fill-time!   I work my schedule around my kids too.  I try to make them the priority as often as I can!

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