I know what I forgot to blog about….and I hope this doesn’t jinx me!    I think Tommy is pretty much daytime potty trained.  He does wear a pull-up at night, though he is dry most mornings.  But he sleeps in my bed and I don’t want to change my sheets and get hubby up in the middle of the night if Tommy has an accident.   If he was in his bed I would not put a pull=up on him at night time.   So I think he is ready for school without a pull-up!  YEAH!!    I wasn’t sure if he would make it in time for school or not.  He has preschool again this year.  He will be going two days a week this year.   Next year he will go three days a week.   Then my baby will be in Kindergarten.  Wow that is hard to believe.  We haven’t decided on Kindergarten yet, but I think he will be going to private school for that.

Now for my dilemna….

Tommy didn’t have a nap at daycare and on the way home he fell asleep.  I have been trying and trying to get him to wake up.  He just won’t!!  I think it will be a late night tonight and he won’t be ready for bed until late!  ARGH!!   I hate when he gets into this sort of sleep schedule.  He did this yesterday too.   I have the slip and slide all ready for him outside and everything.  

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  1. this is the problem I am going to have with Noah when he starts school in September.  He loves his nap, almost 3 hours worth, and no matter how hard I try, he just will not cut back on it.  If I don’t give him one at all, he passes out on the floor wherever he might be.  Poor kid.  School is going to be rough for him to get used to, and he goes 5 days a week 6 hours a day. 

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