Hot today in MN….not feeling too great.  I never feel too good in the heat.   After church we came home and made a quick picnic lunch and went to the beach.   Tommy had a great time.  We stayed for about 2 hours and headed home for nap time.   Just a lazy day at home today in the afternoon.  

Hubby just went to go pick up Erik from his mothers.    We saw him briefly at church this morning.  Tommy asked to go with hubby so I have about an hour home alone.  AAAAH….I need to get some chicken going for chicken salad and then I will read for a while.   HOpe everyone is had a great weekend and were able to keep cool.

This evening we  have to hand out flier for our 10th annual block party.   I can’t believe it is time for the block party already.   Always a good time, but alot of work.   Hubby and I and two other couples organize and pull off this block party for about 100 people.   I have to balance the books from last year to see how much money we have left from last year.   LateR!

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