We had a nice evening.  We spent it outside.   Tommy ran through the Spiderman sprinkler and rode his three wheelers with Noah.    Erik was running around with his friends playing.   He needed to be outide for a bit.  He hadn’t had his meds and he was loud!   He is more mellow now.  

Then I had Erik and the neighborhood boys help me delivery all the Block Party Flyers.   We handed out around 75 flyers.   I paid the boys in ice cream bars!    We stayed out until dark, then it was time to clean up a bit and get ready for bed.   The house is in order and time for me to go to bed. Tomorrow is my first day back to work.    I am looking forward to seeing my friends….but I am not looking forward to weigh in at Weight Watchers…..I know I have gained alot!   Oh well…that is what happens with vacations.  I will get back on track again now. 

Josh just got home from his Dad’s so now I can go to bed.  Had to wait until all my boys are safely home!

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