Another busy vacation day!  I am not very good at relaxing on a vacation.  LOL!!   Erik is doing pretty good this morning I just gave him some more tylenol.  Last night I had him sitting on the couch watching movies and he wanted to get up and play, which was a great sign.  I was so impressed how well he did getting the 4 teeth removed.  What a trooper!  He did bettter than I would have!  This morning he is a little sore and woke up early so I gave him some more tylenol. 

Last night we went to look at two vans.   One was not too bad, but I still want to look around a bit.   On the way home driving on the freeway my truck stopped running again.  Weird.   The radio and everything keeps going, but the engine jsut shuts off while you are driving.  But it starts back up again though.  I have to drop it off at the dealer this morning after I take Tommy to daycare.  Then I am going to pick up the rental van for our trip to South Dakota.    I hate car troubles!

Tommy is in the bath tub playing and Erik fell back to sleep on our bed after taking his Tylenol.  Josh is still sleeping, but I will have to wake him as the neighbors called for him to mow the lawn before we leave on vacation.

I guess I better get Tommy out of the tub and shower and get this day going!

mscaffieneaddict – the bread thrift store is called Taystee Outlet.  It is a store with day old bread from the grocery stores and the bread is very cheap.  I buy tortillas, buns, bread, granola bars and light bread there at a fraction of the cost at the grocery store.   I freeze the extra to keep it fresh. 


Tommy to Daycare – DONE
Truck to the Dealer – DONE
Wash Dishes
Figure Out Supper
Pick up Rental Van
Pack for vacation
Clean out Fridge
Pay Bills
Mail Flyers for Cooking Session

Off and running………………………….

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  1. I love day old bread stores, I need to go by mine again soon. we have wonder hostess and gardners here.  How weird that the car would stop running while driving, scary.  Hope they get it fixed soon.  Enjoy your vacation day! 🙂  Blessings!

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