I finally have my 2 -12 hour days done and behind me for the week.  The rest of the week is a breeze now!    My Dr called me yesterday and increased my predisone for the next few days.  Hopefully that will decrease my coughing and take care of my breathing problems.  It isn’t real bad yet, just starting to worsen a bit.  So hopefully this will take care of the problem. 

I decided I am just not ready to conquer my zones yet.  I have a few unfinished things I have to get to first.  Hopefully soon!


 Laundry – Towels  – DONE
Bed Time Routine – DONE

Laundry – Lights – DONE
Bed Time Routine – DONE

MISSION: Clear Bathroom Counters/Check Supplies – DONE
Purse Boogie – DONE
Fin. Home Blessing: DESK/BUDGET – DONE – ShoppingList/Menu – TOMORROW
Help Josh Pack for Mission Trip – DONE

Laundry – Darks  – DONE
Bed Time Routine – DONE

SUPPER:  South of the Border Pizza – DONE – Big hit with everyone!

MISSION: Wash Bathroom Rug/Shower Curtain
Cat Litter/Brush Cats
Chiropractor Appointment
Laundry – Sheets
Bed Time Routine

SUPPER:  French Toast –  

Clean Furnace Filter
Car Boogie
Laundry- Socks/underwear
Begin cleaning/organizing the Toy Area
Bed Time Routine
Tommy to the Dentist – 1:00
Re-fill Meds – Mine and Erik’s

SUPPER:  Crockpot Roast Chicken, Potatoes and Veggies

15- De-Clutter
Graduation Party for Pauly!
Laundry – Tom’s
Bed Time Routine

SUPPER:  BBQ Chicken Legs and Pasta

15- De-Clutter
Father’s Day
Plan for next week
Iron Clothes for the week
Finally get my summer clothes all out of storage
Lay out Tom’s Clothes for week
Fill Med boxes for week – Erik and Mine
Bed Time Routine

SUPPER:  Turkey Dinner or Baked Beanritos

   I am excited to plan my meals for next week!  Josh is going on his mission trip to Mississippi and we will be eating all the food he is allergic to.   So it will be a spicy week, tacos, Manwhich, Sweet and Spicy Chicken and Mexican Bowties.   We will miss Josh alot, he is such a help with the kids and stuff.   I hope he has a good time and does alot of good.  They will be doing repairs and painting of houses for families in need.  They also will be holding a VBS for the local children.  I hope as always God protects and moves my young man’s heart.   

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  1. I like the way you list everything flylady for the day plus your supper menu. Thursday night sounds very yummy!  Ocassionally I make the kids waffles for dinner, ususally on one of those nights where Rob won’t be home for dinner.
    Josh is doing a great thing, I’m sure he will have a good time!

  2. GL Josh, on your mission trip!!!!!! (and enjoy the allergy foods while he’s gone!).

    Your TO DO list is so not like mine right now…here’s mine (maybe I’ll post it on my site, now that you mention it):
    Get up (I mean officially, not just to feed baby). Sometime.
    Eat something. You can do it.
    Try to snag an hour nap.
    Get in the shower some time today.
    Feed the little guy a whole bunch of times.
    Eat something. You can do it.
    Try to make ds#1’s lunch for tomorrow. Dh will if you need to sit.
    Thank dh (again!) for the selfless care he’s taking of you, 3 1/2 year old, and 6 day old.


  3. You are so organized.  I started trying to list my week out like this last week and wouldn’t you know it I got sick before I could start it.  Maybe I’ll give it another try next week.  I hope you have a wonderful day!  ~Jen

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