Never an uneventful day in our lives!   Last night Tommy cried from 10 until after midnight.  He kept saying his ear hurt.   I gave him tylenol and some allergy meds.   I laid in his bed with him for a couple of hours until the meds seemed to help.  I didn’t think he could have an ear infection since he jsut finished his antibiotics yesterday.   I was almost ready to get dressed and take him to the ER when he finally settled down.    Well we took Tommy to the Dr this morning and he has an ear infection in the other ear.   The Dr put him on a stronger med, since this bug was immune to ammoxicillian.  We need to take him back to the Dr in three weeks and to have them rechecked and he needs to have an hearing test.  The Dr felt his hearing might be a problem due to the fluid.   We will see in three weeks. 

After the Dr Tommy went to his aunties and hubby and I ran errands.   We hit Aldi, Rainbow, Sam’s and the Bread Thrift Store.   Now I just need to pick up the house a bit and make supper.  

We don’t have much planned for the weekend.  Tommy wants to make popsicles and stuff.    I hope to make some food to freeze and I promised Tommy we would go on a picnic on Sunday since he couldn’t go to his preschool one this mornings since he had to go to the Dr.

Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!

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