Another busy weekend of getting things done around the house planned!   I am a bit behind my normal schedule.  Last weekend I got the younger two boys summer clothes out.  Now I need to focus on stocking the freezer with snacks, and breakfast items for Josh and Erik when they are home.  

I plan on making one batch of cookies this weekend, some mini muffins, pancakes and one snack mix.   This really helps with out grocery bill with both boys home from the summer.  Plus it is easier to bring a snack for daycare!    It all freezes well and they help themselves.   Next weekend I will make some more things and that should be a good start.   Other ideas of things I usually make:

2 other snack mixes
Trail Mix
Granola bars
French toast
Couple of kinds of cookies
Ice Cream Treats

It is great to have some snacks already in the freezer as we jsut grab them out when we are going somewhere or something and they thaw by lunch for our picnic or whatever.   Plus I rather my children eat homemade items than processed, but with me working full-time that isn’t always possible.  We need to buy another set of popsicle makers as they have lost alot of the sticks for the one we have.   I like to have 100% juice popsicles in the freezer for them to snack.   Has anyone made pudding or yogurt pops??   I might try those this year.   I bet you could freeze Yo-J.  

Does ayone have any ideas for any other snack or breakfast ideas????  

For lunches I make sure we have lunch meat and bread.   And I usually make a pasta salad for them to have with it and Josh loves when I buy Reese Potato Salad,,,,his favorite. 

Ilovebakedgoods – had some great ideas for portable snacks and picnic ideas that I am going to print as well.    Summer requires I be very organized!  But then having three sons requires me to be very organized anyways.  

BUSY Weekend….. I will need to work on a TO DO List. 

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  1. Hey, thanks for the shout-out!

    I love snacks, especially portable ones.  You’ll have to share your recipes when you get a chance, or direct me to where they are if you’ve got them somewhere online already.  I’ve never made my own trail mix but I think I will this year.

    I’ve never made yogurt or pudding pops, but I recommend Recipe*zaar for recipes if you need them.  I am sure they’d have at least one recipe for one or the other, if not both.  We have popsicle molds, thanks for the reminder!  I have jugs of Juicy Juice to use up, too.

  2. mmmm, I love pudding pops, and jello popsicles are the best!!!  I often make pancakes in large quantities and freeze them with waxpaper between each cake so they don’t stick together.  Another good snack/quick meal that freezes pretty good is Chicken Quesadilla’s I just put shredded cheese, salsa, shredded chicken inbetween tortillias and melt them.  They reheat easy (wax paper between each when storing).

  3. I usually just microwave the quesodilla’s on medium or medium high.  My guess is they would be best if I reheated them in the skillet and browned them a little- but then they wouldn’t be quite as quick a snack.

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