Still plugging away…I jsut turned in the last of my budgets that are due tomorrow.  WHEW!    They are forming these different work groups at my work.  I didn’t volunteer to be on one….I figured it was time others step up and do it.   I have been on quite a few already, developing policies, etc….I like that.  My emphasis in graduate school was administration and policy.   Today I was approached to join one of the teams…….I agreed to do it.   They needed one more child social worker and wanted me to do it.   Hopefully it isn’t too much of a time commitment.    Oh…and I won’t work Fridays….I have been holding my ground on that.  

Well back to the next thing on my to do list!!   OOPs…I am starting on tomorrow’s to do list already….I am productive today!  That feels great.

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