Back at work…ready to start another day.   We had a better morning this morning getting out of the house.  It is always a challenge, but as long as I get ot work by 9:00 we are doing fine.   Today I have a ton of paperwork to do and hopefully a little walk over lunch break.  

Tonight I am home early and hubby is working a 15 hour day!   YIKES!!  He at least gets paid overtime so that is nice.  I just figured out out budget for May and we did pretty good.  I paid extra to both of our credit cards and only used 67.00 of our monthly reserves.   I am saving the rest of our monthly reserves for school clothes for Erik and Josh.  We also have been sticking to our Christmas savings plan…so put money into that this month too. We are staying pretty much on track, but it is hard for my hubby.  I don’t find it too hard, but I really don’t need much spending money.  My hubby likes to have lunch out each day on campus.   I bring my lunch to work each day and don’t use the vending machines.   That is a huge money saver for me. 

** EYE OPENER**  If I bought the equivalent of a 12 pack of pop out of the vending machine at work , I would spend $7.80.    I buy a 12 pack somewhere else and store in my office.  I spend only 2.67 or so for a 12 pack, which isn’t on sale.   So I save over 5.00 a 12-pak.  I have to use my “fun money” for pop since it isnt’ a necessity so I need to save where I can. 

If I drank a can of pop a day……I would save $156.95 in a year by brining my own pop to work!  It really does add up.   NOw if  I could jsut give up pop I would save even more money.!!!

Well back to work……have a great day!  

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