Been a nice quiet day.  We went to the movie this morning and took Tommy to Madagascar.   It was ok….not great.  I even fell asleep.  LOL!!   We dropped off stuff at the library and then came home.   Tommy fell asleep on the way home from the library, but wouldn’t nap when we got home.  I sure tried since I wanted a nap!   So no one got naps today….bummer!   

I worked on laundry most of the afternoon and made Baked Ziti (SmileNJ’s recipe) for supper.   Very Yummy!!!   I am now babysitting my neice until around 8:00 or so.   I need to jsut do a couple of mission in my bedroom and then I will read for the rest of the evening.   I will give Tommy a bath and hopefully he will fall to sleep early since he hasn’t had a nap.  

I liked reading all your difinitions of what defines frugal living!!   Be sure that you will be seeing more posts about frugal living.  Summer is here and our daycare expenses jump to nearly $800.00 a month so we have to tighten our belts a bit!!  Not to mention some small vacation, most likely we will only be able to go to my parents this year.  Also the expense of graduation pictures this summer and as always new clothes for school for the boys. 

Later All!!!  Have a  great evening!

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