Finally it is quiet at my house…the toy area is destroyed, but I will deal with that tomorrow. I am so tired.  I didn’t get a chanc to relax today hardly at all.   I guess I am right now, but I am about ready to go to sleep.   My SIL came to pick up her daughter at 7:30 and stayed to help me go through bins downstairs and look through what clothes we have for Erik.   He is good for Summer!   But we will need a fair amount of clothes for school.   We went through 12 bins of clothes.   I got rid of 2 huge leafe bags of clothes that were either out of style, stained or didn’t fit.   I kept three bins of clothes that Erik can grow into, but that was it.  I am not entirely done yet, but will finish up tomorrow after church. 

I need to go through Tommy’s dresser and closet tomorrow and get his summer clothes into his drawers.  Hopefully Tommy will take a nap tomorrow so I can do some more work in the basement. 


Laundry – DONE
Library – DONE
Took Tommy to Movie – DONE

Erik’s Clothes and Bedroom – ALmost DONE


I am off to bed to read for a bit……..have a great night!  Good Night!

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