Tommy slept in his bed most of the night after I put him back to bed from our bed.   So I sort of feel rested.  Someday I will geta full night sleep again!  YOu can’t help but love the little guy.  While I am falling a sleep I hear over and over…”momma, I really really really love you very very very much”.   He always tells me he has to sleep in my bed since he loves me so much..LOL!!  How can you deny him that.   It is actually kind of nice…he shares my pillow with me and tells me about his day.  He was telling me last night how he got in trouble at aunties house.  Something about the climbing cube and that he didn’t get to watch scooby doo because he was in trouble. 

I am a bit bummed, I can’t go to my bookgroup tonight.   Hubby volunteered to teach a class at the college so I have to be home with Tommy since Josh is working.  I actually had the book even read! OH well, I will get some things done around the house. I have alot of stuff I want to get done this weekend. 

With going to three kids for the summer I have to get a bit more organized again.  So I hope to accomplish alot over this weekend.  So I wrote out a tenative plan so I balance work and relaxtion as I am terrible at that.  I tend to work until I drop!



Tom to Preschool – DONE
Pay bills/budget – DONE
Call Lori -DONE
Drop off School Registration Forms – DONE
Groc list/Menu – DONE
Vacuum out Truck

Tom to daycare – DONE
Errands/Groc. – DONE
Relax – DONE (tried to nap)

Out for our anniversary – DONE


Laundry – DONE
Library – DONE
Took Tommy to Movie – DONE

Erik’s Clothes and Bedroom




Tom’s Room and CLothes



Laundry Room/Laundry


4 to 8 – Go To CIndy and Wills for BBQ

I am not finding many ways to change my budget while reading the everything budget book.   I guess there really isn’t anyway to get any tighter.   I did convince hubby to cancel netflix for the summer.   Now if I could just get him to go to basic cable only.   If I lived alone I wouldn’t have cable at all.  But I am not a TV watcher.  I am starting to save money now for Josh’s grad pics and school clothes shopping for Josh and Erik.     Tommy will go to preschool next year two days a week and has plenty of school clothes, but Erik and Josh will need some.  Erik will need the most I think.  I will do an inventory of that this wekeend too!    Then I have the summer to check clearance racks and hit sales.   I should be able to get alot at Old Navy since I can have Josh use his discount. 

Time to get busy….Have a great day!!  The sun is shining in Minnesota…mark it on the calendar!

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  1. Sounds like a busy weekend. We had to choose between dsl or cable. We chose the dsl computer service. I would love to have cable, maybe one day, so for right now I watch lots of PBS. Have a great day!

  2. You already have a great budget and seem to be doing everything right. I wish I were as determined and disciplined. If we have money we seem to find some way to get rid of it. Right now it is car issues, but otherwise it would be something else. We are canceling our Walmart/Netflix and hopefully getting Road Runner (the Earthlink equivalent anyway). I will use that a lot more. We keep talking about canceling everythng but basic cable, but I don’t seem to be able to do it. Scared I’ll miss something I guess.

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