Happy Anniversary!!   Hubby and I have been married 5 years today.   I must say the time has gone very quickly and very happily.  I know I truly married my best friend.  I look forward to our life together very much.


Seems like a perfect time to let everyone, including my hubby know what I love about my hubby. 

Dedicated to Me – hubby has always been very dedicated to me.  I can honestly say many times over, “No one has ever done that for me”.  My hubby has…..and more!  I have never doubted his love for me.  Some of the many things he has done for me that no one else has……  He went to a woman’s clinic with me when I had to have a mammogram due to some suspicious lumps.  He was the only man in the clinic.   But he is always there for me.   He attended every single prenatal appointment during my pregnancy with Tommy.  And I had alot of appointments since I had to see a nutritionist and endocrinologist due to compilations with my pregnancy.  He would read to me each night from a book about how our baby was growing.  He bought all my maternity clothes and things for the baby by going to garage sales.  He gave me over 200 insulin shots during my pregnancy.  He made me stop counting them….LOL!  I hated the shots!  He was there for the delivery and amazing!  The morning after I gave birth he came back with the largest bouquet of roses. 

The few times I have had serious injury or illness my hubby has always taken over and cared for me and the children wonderfully.   I love him for being at the hospital minutes after the ambulance took me following my car accident.  I love him for visiting me in the ICU when I had a severe asthma trouble and he was sick and Tommy was sick too.  He had his hands full.   He has gone to countless Dr appointments and specialists about my asthma as well.  

He does little things daily to let me know he loves me.  A chocolate on my pillow, always a kiss before he leaves (even if I am sound asleep), says he loves me numerous times a day.   He still holds my hand after all these years……..the little things matter!

Great Father – My hubby loves he sons!   He is great with them all.   I love him for attending all their events, helping with homework.  Having life discussions with our children.  He was a stay at home Dad with Tommy for over a year.  I went back to work and my hubby stayed home and cared for our baby.  So let me tell you he has done his fair share of diaper changes and messy clean-ups!   He is an active father who doesn’t leave the child rearing all on me.   We are a great team!  I love him for teaching our oldest to drive.  After my car accident I was so scared to be in cars.  He took all the responsibility over.

He always puts our sons first.  If we have limited amount of money and we usually do, my hubby makes sure our children have what they need first and foremost.  Be it preschool, clothes, missions trips…whatever…..our children are first in his mind.   

Dedicated to Family – My hubby is a great son and brother.  My heart always smiles when he talks to his Mom and says “love ya momma!” at the end of each conversation.   He is good to his parents and helps and takes care of them as much as he can.  He is always there for his siblings and would do anything for them and does.  He is great with my family as well and would do anything for them.

Loves God– I love that my hubby is a Christian.  He attends church with us.  So many times I look around the church and I see moms with their children and their hubby is not there.  My hubby is always helping our children’s faith to grow and is very active.  I love him for that! 

Hardworking –  When it comes to work, my hubby does his best to provide for us!  He works hard and his bosses always respect and appreciate him.  He is easy to get along with and everyone loves him……

Integrity – My hubby lives life like he preaches….if that makes sense.  I never see him say one thing to the children about how they should do something or not do something and then not live by those words himself.   He is authentic!

Honest/Fair – This is something I admire my hubby for immensely.   He is the fairest and most honest person I know.   I have never wondered if he was lying to me ever.  I have a big thing about lying.  I get really upset about it.   Even in situations where my hubby has been wronged, if he has the chance he will set things right and fair. He would never do something unfair out of spite or being upset.    As he says, “Two wrongs don’t make a right!”.  He really lives by that!  He will definitely speak his mind, but in resolving conflict he is very fair.   He is very honest too and doesn’t even do the lying by omission….well at least I have never experienced it, that I know of *smirk! 

He is a great hubby and father and I hope my sons all grow up to possess all the qualities I love about my hubby!   

I Love you!!  Forever and Always!


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