YAWN…..my second and last 12 hour day for the week.  I have an early meeting today so I should be home alot earlier.   I should be home by 8:30 tonight.   Yeah!   Last night I didn’t leave my office until 9:45 and then it is a 17 mile drive home or so.   I came home got a few things ready for today, clothes and lunches.  Then I read until I could fall asleep.   Actually now that I think of it…I might not be home by 8:30 tonight…my last home visit is at 7:00.   It will be a longer day than 12 hours.  

Hubby slept like a log last night. Tommy fell out if his bed and I had to get up and lay down with him.   But we all survived and today is another day.   Time to hit the shower and get to work.   have a great day!

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