Well this is actually my favorite day/night to work.  On Mondays I don’t come into the office until around noon and stay until at least 8:00 and usually later.  I am the most productive on Mondays.   I have most of my paperwork done and will be moving on to reports to write next.   It is great to get things squared away on Mondays for the week.  Monday is hubby’s day off so that is the only night I can work late.  I am available to families for night homevisits only once a week.   Luckily this Monday I don’t have any homevisits so it is paperwork, paperwork.   But  I have homevisits the next two Mondays.   Oh well….I should be pretty caught up after tonight. 

I used to work in a state hospital as a direct care staff and I worked 3-11pm.  My perfect shift as I am most productive those hours.   I am NOT a morning person and my morning at work at worthless some days.   But from noon to 8:30 I can get a weeks worth of work done!  

I best I should go make myself a salad and get some more work done.  Hubby called me and now I have to take back the curtain rod as well.  They are missing parts.  I just returned the ascot this morning that had a tear in it.  I am a bit disappointed by the repeated return trips to JCPenney’s.     I hope I can get hubby to stop there on the way to work tomorrow to exchange the rods.  It is out of my way, but close to his work. 

My hubby was wanting me to come home, but I really do need to work.  He has called me once already. He is trying to put up the curtain rods and is babysitting my neice and nephew.  He has his hands full.  It sure is quiet here….*smirk.  I am the only one left on this floor.  I have the copier and printers all to myself!!   I love the quiet!

I just completed my registeration for two conferences.  In March I  attend the Minnesota Social Services Association Conference, here in the cities.   In April I am going to Duluth, MN for the Minnesota’s Association of Children’s Mental Health for 4 days.  Hubby will be calling me to come home again.  LOL!!  It is a very good conference.  

Some of the sessions I signed up for in Duluth are:

Prevention Role in Intervening with Mentally Ill parents who have chilren 0-3 years old.

Is this Just a Stage” Early Warning Signs of Mental Illness in Children and Adolescents.

Bipolar in Children and Adolscents

Working with Refugee Youth and Families

Autism:  Classroom strategies That Work.   – (I was disappointed this was the only one on Autism.  3/4 of the children I work with are on the spectrum.   My nephew of course also has autism and is struggling in school a bit lately.)

The bonus is I get to stay in a hotel for 3 nights!  YEAH!!   Rooming with 4 friends from work. 


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  1. I used to prefer the late nights in the office when I worked at the court as it was the only time I could paperwork caught up without being interrupted.

    I do have to say I miss going to conferences.  I enjoyed the networking with my peers and the time away was a plus too. 

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