Sunday evening…..the weekend is coming to an end.  Argh…but it has been nice.  Right now Tommy is taking a bath (love this wireless internet).  Hubby went to pick up Joshua at my ex’s house.  I think they are home actually, I jsut heard the car door.   I just was inspecting our new curtains and one of the ascots has a hole in it.  ARGH!!  Back to the store tomorrow.  I while have to have them order another one. 

I should be able to get alot done tonight since I had a good nap.  I slept for over 2 hours, but then so did Tommy so he won’t be going to bed on time tonight either.  OH well…he has school tomorrow. 

I am off to get Tommy out of the tub and then get hubby to help me with curtains.  Later all!!! 

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