I stopped at the Passport office at my work (perk about working ina gov. building).  They informed me that since Josh was over 14 I didn’t have to have his father present to obtain a passport!  YEAH!!  His father hasn’t seen Josh in 6 years and I am not sure I could have gotten him to come into the city.  I did mail Josh’s dad the forms for permission to cross the border with the Youth Group.   He will complete those and mail them back.   He told me he would.  

I am leaving work at 2:00 to pick up Josh and bring him back here to get his passport.  It costs 115.00 to get a passport.  WOW!!  I wish I knew when child support would come.   I have to pay for the passport and the trip and haven’t received any child support yet this month.   It should come soon.

That is about it for now.  I have to get some more work done before I leave to get Josh. 

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