I was trying to catch up on my SIR but  I am so tired.  So I guess I better post and head to bed.  YAWN!   Busy day…I left work a bit early and picked up Tom.  I called Josh and had him heat up the soup for supper and bake the biscuits.   It is great to have a responsible son that I can call and have start supper.   I got home, dished up Tom’s food and had Josh sit and eat with him.  I layed down on the couch and took a 15 minute nap before church.   I really needed that more than eating!

Class was good at Families First.  We discussed birth order and its effect on use and our children.  It was very interesting.   AfterFamilies First we had a mandatory meeting for Josh’s mission trip.   I have alot to do to get him ready for his trip.  They would like him to have a passport.  I will have to check into this tomorrow.  It is a a bit tricky since his father lives in a different town and doesn’t visit him.  He have to have him sign stuff for the trip, etc.  His father did say he would sign whatever was needed, etc.  I just have to find out what is needed for the passport. 

So the details of the trip are out.  Josh will be in Juarez, Mexico the week of June 19th.   He will be doing a couple of things while there.  He will be doing Habitiat for Humanity sort of building and painting of houses.  He also will be working with the children in an afternoon program called, Kids Club.   I am very excited for him as I think this will be a life changing trip for him.  Juarez is a large city of about 2 million people, the average weekly income is about 40-50 a week.  The area is very poor but rich in their faith and love of God.     I really am glad my son is able to have these experiences in his life.  His faith is very stong.   He makes me very proud of the young man he is becoming.  I am even beginning to like his Christian Rock.  LOL!!  I love mainstream and alternative Rock, but Josh really enjoys Christian Rock.  He frequently reads his bible.   He has a bible that looks like it is well read and carries it with him in his backpack.  I wish I could have said that at his age.  I didn’t return to my faith until I was an adult.  

Tomorrow I will head to the passport office to find out what I need from Josh’s father to get his passport.   I am afraid this is going to be difficult.   ARGH!!!

I have many comments to respond too, but am falling alseep.   Night all!!  Maybe I can type more tomorrow!  Later!

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  1. You could also check out USPS site for info on passports, as most post offices offer them…that would save you a trip in to get info.  You can also print out most of the forms you need too.  That’s what we did when we went to Mexico last year.

  2. Ostara, I think this will be a hard trip for Josh, but I agree with you, this will change him!!!  What an opportunity you are giving him.  I wish I had known about something like this when I was a teenager!

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