Past my bedtime, but here I am.  I will never learn.  It is just so nice and quiet and I have a bit of time to myself.  I hate to waste it by sleeping.   Tommy is sleeping in his bed at the moment and hopefully he will stay there all night. 

I have had a busy evening.   I got home a bit early as one of my homevisits cancelled on me the last minute.  So I decided to go home and do an hour of chores before I picked up Tommy at daycare.   Plus Josh was home sick and I wanted to check on him.   I got home and Josh had gotten bored and he had cleaned the living room and vacuumed and swiffered!  Yeah!!  Part of my weekly cleaning done for me.   I did the dishes and mopped the kitchen and bathroom.   I also got some more laundry done.  My goal this week is to be caught up on laundry by this weekend so I don’t have to do any over the weekend.  

My menu didn’t turn out so well.  I was sure I had a turkey loaf left over in the freezer, but couldn’t find it.  So I made pancakes (Miserly Moms recipe) and bacon.    We liked the pancake recipe so I might make another batch this weekend to freeze.  We will see.   I have some Texas Toast to make French Toast with and freeze as well.  Then I did dishes again and more laundry. 

I also wrote out the invitations for my Pampered Chef party.  I would really like to have about 10 people come.   We will see.   There are a number of items I want to order.  They have some cool new items.  I already own alot of their products, but I am so happy with them. 

I should be heading to bed here.  Hope everyone has a great day!  

Our Wednesday looks very busy.   I am working of course, my last homevisit tomorrow is at 2:30, then I will pick up Tom.  We will rush home to have supper and head to church.  After our class is done we have a meeting about Josh’s mission trip to Mexico to attned at 8:05.  Hard to believe that is coming up so quickly. 

Good Night…………………………….

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