We are home from getting groceries.   I did great on shopping, my budget for two weeks of groceries is $150.00 and I only spent $94.98.  I am a goof I get all excited about doing well on groceries. 

The key is making a menu of course.  Which I always grumble about doing while I am doing it, but it pays off.   I keep a freezer inventory and plan our meals around the meat we have on hand or have purchased on sale. 

Here is our menu……

Week 1:

Sunday – Turkey dinner and trimmings (make thanks in Pan with left overs)
Monday – Creamy Potatoes N Kielbasa (New Recipe)
Tuesday – Turkey Loaf and Veggie
Wed – Wild Rice Soup
THurs – Tater Tot Hotdish
Fri – Steak, Potatoes and Veggie
Sat – Pork Roast

Week 2:

Sun – Cheddar Scalloped Potatoes and Ham (crockpot)
Monday – Busy Day Chicken N rice (New Recipe)
Tues – Hamburgers with fixings and Fries
Wed – Potato SOup
THursday – Thanksgiving in a Pan
Friday – Meat Loaf
Sat – Creamy Italian Chicken (crockpot) over Egg Noddles (make Double Recipe to freeze)

I think I will make Choc. Chip Cookies for Snacks for the week as well.  Josh and Toms favorite snack is baby carrots and dip them in Ranch Dressing.  So I bought two bags of carrots this time.  I hope that will last for 2 weeks. 

I also need to make a big pot of soup.  I am running out of frozen soup for Wednesday nights.   I need to try a new recipe or two as well for soup.   I really helps to cook ahead and freeze meals.

I need to scoot and fold some laundry and do dishes.  Then we are going to see an attorney and have our will drawn up.   Tommy is watching Dora right now…….

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