Busy, Busy day…..get to the office and have to leave for a morning meeting, have a client come in a noon to meet with me and another school meeting at 3:00.  WOW.. and the drive home was not great.  It took me 1-1/2 hours to get from the last meeting to the daycare to pick up Tommy. 

We got home at 5:45 and had to be at church at 6:00.  WHEW!!!  Good thing  I can call home and have Josh get supper started for me. 

Church was fine, we had a little Valentine’s Party for the kids.  They made cookies too!

Tommy enjoying frosting with a friend and teacher.  See the mark above Tommy’s Right eye??  He got bump at daycare the other day.

Then it was home again.  Daddy had a long trip home as well , so he didn’t make it to church. 

THe killer icles have found our back door now too!!

So while Josh is taking a shower, I decide to do dishes.  Around 10:00 I go to check on TOmmy…and where was Tommy sleeping tonight at 10:00??

Yikes….can you see my little guy on the other side of the gate?  I have to gate him into his room at night.  He is a wild little guy!


Gee comfy looking Tom.  Do you think he will every like his bed!  Every night I check on him, I locate him in his room.  SOmetimes he sleeps under the bed, then I put him into bed for the night.   He usually stays in bed once he is asleep for a while. 

Cute Josh…Josh doing what Josh is always doing.  Listening to tunes and playing on his computer.  Don’t ask me how many computers we have in our house….ARGH!

One last pic….Please Mommy, then I promise I will pick up those toys in the background!

Well that is enough for tonight.  I am off to bed.   Another busy day again tomorrow.  I have two appointments outside of the office.  And finally on Friday I am in the office and can attend to my pile of paperwork!!

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  1. OMG….I always find my little boy sleeping in odd places! Sometimes I wonder why I even invest in toddler beds….

    I was laughing to myself when I read your last entry…I asked my hubby to take care of the kids in the morning because I wasn’t feeling well too…I woke up 2 hours later…..the kids did not eat breakfast, they were still in their pj’s and he did not brush their teeth…

    It’s amazing how much women take care of the household…..

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