I ended up taking today off of work.  I am feeling a bit better, but not perfect.  I did get a lot of things accomplished that Hubby and I needed to do.  We had a quiet afternoon to have the discussions we needed to. 

After hubby took Tommy to school, we went to get out taxes done.  We got to the place we made our appointment and they didn’t have us down.  ARGH!!  I took off work to do this people…so they called over to a different H&R Block and we went there and got our taxes done.   They said we should get our refund in about 10-14 days.  That will be nice.  I am not one of those people that goes out and makes big expenditures with my tax money.  We put it into our saving and draw off of it throughout the year as we need to for auto repairs and other unexpected expenses.   I still had about 1,000 left from last years return.  We really do try to live within our means the best we can and not use any credit cards.  I don’t have any credit card debt so this year I don’t have to pay that off.  We do get large returns since we claim single 0 on our w-2’s.  This is the easiest way for us to save.  It just works for us and we rather get the big return later. 

Also this afternon we completed the paperwork for our appointment with the lawyer next Monday to draw up our will.  I also completed the Quick Deed for our house so Paul is part owner.  All our major things are done!  YEAH!!  I will be very happy when our will is all complete and in our hands. 

It was worth taking the day off for us to have the time alone to complete all this paperwork.  Off to finish the dishes and take some aspirin.  Later!

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  1. I’m glad that you are feeling at least some better  🙂   Ugh, doesn’t that irk you when you make an appointment and get to it and they don’t have you written down?  That happened to me about 2 months ago.  Grrrrr!  *LOL*    Love,   Jennelle

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