My first attempt with my digital camera.  I hope this works…let me know if I should be doing something different. 

A Look Into the Day of a Typical 2 year Old…………….

LUNCHTIME….yes, I did get some food into my mouth!

FINALLY….I gave in and took my nap after over an hour. 
Yes, I suck my thumb.  Mommy and Daddy try so hard to make me stop. What could I possibly be doing for an hour, you ask yourself. 
You needed ask anymore!!!

Yep….I trashed my room!  Mommy will have to clean it when I get up!   I might help, but I doubt it!

I think I am going to enjoy my new toy!  I think that this model which was only $99.99 will meet my needs just fine.  I have a very nice regular camera.  This one I only want to really put pictures on my xanga,etc.   It is way worth the saving I needed to do.  rangerwife2000 said in a comment “I’ve learned that when you reward yourself from living within a budget, you’ll be more eager to stick with it!”  I so totally agree, if I avoid frivolous expenditures like snacks at the gas station etc, I can buy a new toy I really wanted!  Yeah….I am a bit excited. 

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  1. Hmm….hope this isn’t a double comment…I left one but it didn’t show up. Digital cameras are so much fun, enjoy! Love the lunchtime photo!! Wish my son would eat enough to get messy! LOL! Have a great weekend!

  2. Beautiful pictures and I’m so happy that you got your camera!  🙂    I also have a Kodak Easy Share though the numbers may be different than yours … still, I totally LOVE my camera too! 

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