Conned by a 2 year old……..what’s new…..

Tommy:  MOM…MOM…..I itchy!!  I itchy!  (I have neverheard him say the word itchy I better check this out!)  I go to his room.

MOM:  Where is the itchy.  (Tom point to the top right side of his diaper)  (hmm….maybe his diaper is rubbing him, I unzip his sleepers and look )

TOMMY:  I sleep in Momma’s bed!

Mom:  NO…you sleep in Tommy’s bed. 

TOmmy:  I itchy!  OWIE OWIE….  (i decide less trouble to take him to bed with me)  (we are all snuggled in and sharing our pillow,  my pillow has now become ours!)

MOM:  Are you ok Tommy???

Tommy:  OK, Itchy all gone! 

Off to share my bed with my sidekick…never more than a step from my side.  Gotta love that little boy!  He makes you laugh, he is so naughty!

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